Micaela Trexler Joins Seraph Biosciences

This past week Micaela Trexler, a doctoral candidate of Biomedical Engineering at Wayne State University, joined Seraph’s product development team as a Senior Scientist. Micaela began her biomedical research experience studying applications of Raman Spectroscopy in cancer diagnostics with Seraph’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Gregory Auner.

She leveraged this experience as a graduate student at Boston University’s Biomedical Engineering M.Eng program, where she had the opportunity to assist a cardiac surgery team with the research and development of advanced surgical tools to prepare for the FDA process. Reflecting on her early-stage research experiences and passion for product development, Micaela understood the imminence of public health crises involving infectious diseases and chose to focus her doctoral research on novel Raman-spectroscopy based diagnostic and identification techniques for Influenza virus.

Micaela Trexler

Micaela’s research interests have never been more relevant as the scientific world scrambles to develop novel diagnostic solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic. “The alarming emphasis on the importance of early detection and diagnosis has stuck with me since I started my doctoral research”, said Micaela, “This pandemic has come at a terrible human cost and we need technologies like Seraspec® that are agile and quickly adaptable to infectious pathogens that are here, now. Whether that is SARS-CoV-2 or antibiotic resistant “super bug bacteria”.

It is this reality that motivated Micaela to apply her unique experience and understanding of Raman spectroscopy as a team member at Seraph. “I am thrilled to join a team of individuals with proven track records to do great things in the diagnostic space”, said Micaela, “As I near the finish line of my doctoral research I am excited to see where this ride goes”.  Welcome, Micaela!