Dr. Ishaque Joins Seraph’s Board of Directors

Dr. Ishaque Joins Seraph’s Board of Directors

Dr. Nadeem Ishaque

DETROIT, May 3, 2021 – Dr. Nadeem Ishaque, former Chief Innovation Officer of GE Healthcare, joined Seraph’s Board of Directors this past month. He brings nearly 30 years of experience as a healthcare executive at GE with responsibilities ranging from overseeing the company’s global R&D initiatives at GE Global Research to bringing novel molecular diagnostic technologies to market.  

Upon receiving his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Dr. Ishaque discovered his passion for translating sophisticated technology concepts into real world products with a lasting social impact. His diverse experiences as a leader at GE Global Research and GE Healthcare allowed him to realize this passion in a global context. As a Director at GE Global Research, Dr. Ishaque led the internal R&D portfolio in the healthcare space and forged academic and industry collaborations around the use of competitive molecular diagnostics and imaging technologies in disease pathways and biomarker development. The relationship between academic research and market dynamics in that role informed his leadership principles around technology innovation. “Technological innovation for companies of any size happens at the intersection of disciplines”, said Dr. Ishaque, “innovators must combine their passion for the technology with building teams that have complementary skill sets necessary to meet the continual needs of their end customers”. 

As Chief Innovation Officer of GE Healthcare, Dr. Ishaque leveraged his philosophy on innovation in acquiring and developing technologies for the company. In this role, he worked closely with GE Ventures and GE Global Research to evaluate the market viability and scalability of healthcare technologies both within and outside of the organization. “We commercialized products with a strong scientific foundation that resolved unmet clinical needs in the healthcare market”, said Dr. Ishaque, “once this was established the technology needed to be scalable in order to have a large impact on society”.

Dr. Ishaque believes that Seraspec’s proprietary technology fits this commercialization paradigm, which encouraged him to join Seraph’s Board. “Seraph’s scientific expertise and interest in addressing antibiotic resistance as a big unmet clinical need is very compelling”, said Dr. Ishaque, “Seraspec’s use of deep learning without requiring new assay development also closely aligns with my experience of utilizing artificial intelligence in healthcare products”. Welcome, Dr. Ishaque!

About Seraph Biosciences, Inc.

Incorporated in 2016, Seraph Biosciences Inc. is a biotechnology company dedicated to commercializing Seraspec® – a fully automated pathogen identification platform capable of delivering near real-time pathogen detection. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Seraph’s mission is to provide disruptive biomedical solutions to front-line providers and their patients at the point of care.