Seraph Biosciences Looks to Stop Disease in Its Tracks

Dr. Charles Shanley
Dr. Charles Shanley

When Dr. Charles Shanley strolled onto the stage of the Pitch Distilled competition in Detroit in December, he knew convincing the audience to stay upbeat about his pitch would be a challenge. Past winners have focused on artificial intelligence, the fashion industry and revolutionary eco-friendly building materials, while Shanley’s message was fairly simple and stark.

Shanley is founder and chairman of Detroit-based Seraph Biosciences, a company that focuses on bringing crucial biomedical technology out of the lab and into the doctor’s office. Keen to offer medical professionals a mobile, practical solution for real-time pathogen detection and identification, Shanley and his longtime partners at Seraph are focused on staving off viral pandemics that Shanley says could potentially spell the end of humanity.



Sure the topic was dark,” Shanley admits with a chuckle, “but what you’re offering is hope. And what you’re talking about is important. [The crowd] normally wouldn’t gravitate too much to a talk about bacterial Armageddon, but they resonated with the hopeful message and an approach that wasn’t about a new drug, device or intervention. Rather, we were providing [patients] with information to make better decisions.”

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