Seraph Attends Ross School of Business

Last fall, Seraph Biosciences participated in the Financing Technology Commercialization (“FTC”) seminar at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. The course pairs Ross student/mentor alliances with emerging technology ventures to build viable business and marketing strategies that assist the company’s development. “[The seminar] is one of the most valuable course offerings, allowing students to apply academic theory to real-life business situations”, said Eric Head, a long time mentor within the program, “and it’s always a better experience for them to work with truly dedicated executives like Jim and Braden”. Professor David Brophy created the program in 2004 to act as an incubator for young, regional companies and as a model for other Big 10 universities to embrace regional entrepreneurship. “We really enjoyed the student group’s enthusiasm for our technology and their diverse professional backgrounds”, said Jim Shanley, Seraph’s Chief Executive Officer, “It was interesting to see how those backgrounds influenced their outlook on our commercialization strategy”. Since it’s inception, the FTC seminar has assisted over 115 companies in all areas of business development.

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